Monday, January 30, 2006

2005 Freq. Measurement Test Results

I entered my first ARRL Frequency Measurement Test in November, 2005, as predicted in a previous posting.

My results came back recently:

BandError (Hz)ppm Error

On 160M, there was a far stronger signal level than the other bands, but the results are the worst, probably because of mixed propagation paths, unstable ionosphere, etc. On 40M, the signal was so weak I was not sure if I had it at all, amidst all the QRM. Probably this was ground wave propagation.

The full ARRL report is here.

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Anonymous said...

Hi I would suggest to lock the 44.55 Mhz Oscillator to a 5 Mhz reference. Divide 10Mhz/2.
Than use a CT1DMK (see TAPR site)
Reflock 2 board, Or see VE1ALQ.
Divider N must (44.55Mhz) be set to 891 (-1)
and Diverder R (5Mhz) must be set to 100. Both references can now be compared at 50khz.

The 5 Mhz can be derived from a 10MHz rubidium or from a 10Mhz GPS locked reference.