Monday, April 24, 2023

Plus ça change... Time to check in once more.

This blog needs some attention!  It has been over a year now.  The Blogger service is changing, and the world of social media is evolving drastically.  I've just cancelled my Twitter account, which draws a close to that small chapter in my life.  Elon is now free to drive things into the ground without my help.

I've dumped Instagram and Facebook, also.  The idea is to reclaim as much of my time as I can, free of the morbid stuff on the Internet.   That should allow me to concentrate on more important things.  That, or I can just enjoy a bit of peace as I enter deeper into codger-hood.

This old-fashioned blog is an interesting case. I can write what needs to be written, at whatever length.  Comments are welcome.  It should remain mainly technical with an amateur radio focus, but there will be tangents.

Let's see how it evolves.