Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Dynamic DNS -- letter to QST

Dear Editor:

Carl Ferguson's (W4UOA) article "Remote Control over the Internet" (QST, February, 2006, p. 62) was very informative. There is a lot of unexplored territory in the combination of ham radio and the Internet.

Let me point a cheaper way to set up your own Internet domain. Namely, free! Set up a Dyndns.org account, as Carl says, but select "Dynamic DNS" service. For up to 5 separate computers, you can select a name like callsign.ham-radio-op.org, callsign.dyndns.org, or many others. Because you are establishing a sub-domain instead of a primary domain name, you do not need to purchase the "custom DNS" service. The IP address updating software (such as DirectUpdate) works almost the same either way.

There are several alternative suppliers for "dynamic DNS services". Try an Internet search.

Martin Ewing AA6E
Branford, CT

p.s. A thoroughly modern ARRL could provide this DDNS service for the membership: providing "your-callsign.arrl.net" to point to a home machine or web hosting service.


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