Monday, March 24, 2008

The K9YA Telegraph

Here's a little plug for "The K9YA Telegraph", an electronically published free magazine about Amateur Radio.

Inside the April, 2008, Issue...
  • Etah, Greenland or Bust By Philip Cala-Lazar, K9PL
  • The "Magic of Radio" By Kelly Klaas, K7SU
  • There She is Again By Scott Laughlin, N7NET
  • George W. Leck, W2POC By Bob Ballantine, W8SU
  • "Tilted P" By Bud Frohardt, W9DY/m
  • Jauhelihapiiras is Meat Loaf By Rod Newkirk, VA3ZBB/W9BRD
  • Ham Quips By Dick Sylvan, W9CB

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Monday, March 10, 2008

one more time

Some text and a photo

This time I sent a plain text message, with an attached photo. That did the trick for the simple case, but I don't expect I can intersperse text and photos.

and photos?

Here's one: Me and my avatar

That's what I got when I sent an HTML email with a graphic inline. (but sent as an attachment, I think.) It did not work.

Another test

This yet another test of the blogging system.  This time, we publish to the blog from an e-mail.

Question: Does the HTML get interpreted correctly?  Do links show up the way they should?

Just testing...

Just testing...

This entry comes to you through the "gnome-blog" posting program from my Linux environment. If you can read this, it does work.

I have also tried BloGTK 1.1, which looked even more promising, but it does not seem to give good results with sites, which this one is. It does not treat titles correctly, for example.

Note added: Gnome-blog also appears unable to set an article title. So, maybe it's not going to work out.