Sunday, April 10, 2016

Modest Ham Radio Milestone (LoTW)

Logbook of the World, statistics graphic
Personal Best Dept:

My Logbook of the World (LoTW) account just turned 2,000.  That's the number of confirmed "electronic QSLs".  My digital log stretches back to the 1980's at least. (I wish I still had my earliest logs, starting in 1958 or so!)

This will not set the world of amateur radio on fire.  Many folks are a lot more active than I am.  With a little grit, you can get 2,000 contacts in a single weekend contest!  But it's meaningful to me, in a Sunday-driver kind of way.

Another interesting statistic is that my percentage confirmed on LoTW is just about 50% now, a big improvement over the last few years.  Largely, that is due to a lot of JT65 / JT9 contacts, where LoTW confirmations are very common.  (The folks who are able to set up for digital modes are also likely to be able to handle the still-somewhat-arcane LoTW procedures.)

I still like to send and receive the traditional paper QSL cards, but I confess I have not solved the problem of how to store and/or display them.