Wednesday, November 16, 2011

We Need a Few Good Codecs

audio waveform image by Jesse-lee Lang
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Software audio codecs for ham radio? What's the best? Lots is known about telephone voice codecs, but we have noisy voice with QRM, and we also have CW and various digimodes that we want to transmit from a remote RX via digital links. Each scenario might need a separate codec for optimum results. Give up and send linear/uncompressed? Inquiring minds...

This question comes up as I'm trying to work out a strategy for a remote receiving station using the BeagleBoard XM card running Ubuntu.  Lots of fun, but there are many details to work out, including the audio transmission problem.

Update: Beagles on the mind.  I'm using the BeagleBoard XM, not the BeagleBone, which was just announced.

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