Sunday, October 10, 2010

More U-verse work

I did some more testing on U-verse vs HF QRO operation today.  The main results are reported at, which is going to be where the data from this work is accumulated.  We only give the late breaking news here.

As expected, winding the incoming DSL line on a ferrite core (8 turns, type 77) has helped a fair bit -- allowing a doubling of amplifier power on a good range of frequencies.  We also see that the U-verse DSL does not show any problems for QRO at 20 meters and up.  80 and 40 (and 160) are going the be the troublesome bands.

But we have more countermeasures we can try.  That will be for another day.

I also have trouble with my carbon monoxide detector going off.  (It's very loud!)  And pickup in my computer loudspeakers is annoying on 40 M.  All this will yield to filtering.

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