Wednesday, November 04, 2009

AC plugs around the world

If you've traveled around the world at all, and you're a ham operator, you've surely wondered about all those different AC power plugs. So who has the best? We have a view from the UK here.

Naturally, the UK wins! I can sympathize with the safety advantages: fusing in the plug and automatic shutters in the socket. (This is for a "manly" 240 V, you know.) But the authors don't consider a few other questions: cost, size, and weight, for example! Those plugs are heavy, bulky, and expensive. The wall sockets take a lot of area for each power point. Don't even ask about outlet strips or "cube taps".

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Anonymous said...

The author obviously did little research. The Euro-plug is meant for , and you will usually only find it in bathrooms to plug in your electric razor.
The REAL european plus is called CEE 7/7, for a comprehensive description of its safety feature see
It voluntarily does not integrate a fuse (which is unnecessary in a proper installation and makes plugs bulky and ugly). Its clever design makes it compatible with two-pin unearthed plugs, and with older french and german plugs. If you stay on your Island that might not matter to you, but for frequent travelers the design is really convenient.