Wednesday, March 14, 2007

On Older Rigs

Recently, I had a QSO with GP0STH, Ron, on Guernsey Island. Nice to have that new country! He gave me an unsolicited "great audio" report. Now, that was interesting...

I had just resuscitated my 30 year old Kenwood TS-520S to see how well the old rig was running. The Orion was sitting quietly on my desk.

The funny thing is that the Orion is well-known for great audio, and my Kenwood and its stock MC-50 microphone is not. But the Kenwood is the one that got that report. And its market value is about 1/15th of the Orion's!

Of course the Orion Rx is a lot better in difficult conditions, but on that day on that band (20 M), the '520 got the credit.

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