Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Optimal Callsign Lookup Page

If you want a quick and minimal callsign lookup, you could do worse than www.aa6e.net/lookup.html.


Anonymous said...

Greetings Martin from another frequency measuring tester. I have the FT100D with the VXCO that is stable but about 22 hz low at 10Mhz. The thing takes about two hours to settle but right now 5.000 Mhz is stable at 11.4 hz low. It drifted about 1 hz from startup at 2200Z to now. I can hear 5.000 Mhz WWV very well but nothing higher and 2.500 is marginal.

Martin AA6E said...


I could hear WWV 5 MHz well, 10 MHz not at all. CHU at 3.330 MHz was OK, too. I much prefer 10 MHz or even 20 MHz for calibration. They won't work at night.

So I made my measurements and calculations and sent them off to fmt@arrl.org. But they bounced because that was a non-existent user! I think they've fixed it now.


Noel Petit said...


I tried the e-mail on that night and it bounced. Later the next day it stuck. I guess we have to wait for the end of next week to see if anyone will tell us will tell us what they measured.

I will definitely not try this in downtown Minneapolis during the winter again. The bands are so dead that we can't even find a PSK signal at 0100Z to demonstrate to a Technician class in one of the suburbs. Eventually we had to PSK from the speaker of one laptop to the microphone of another.

Noel Petit said...


Yes I tried the e-mail that night and it bounced. It stuck the next night.

The bands have been so quiet that we could not hear one PSK31 signal at 0100Z to demonstrate to a Technician class last week. I guess we need to go VLF during these times of winter.