Thursday, October 27, 2005

Linux & Blackfin for ham radio?

I have discovered the Analog Devices "Blackfin" DSP/controller lately. Using uClinux, you can run "real" software in this chip, with many options for I/O, including Ethernet and audio codecs. Cheap development boards and free software are pretty attractive. I am looking for anyone who is using this technology (or anything similar) in an amateur radio application.

The chip is powerful enough for a full SDR implementation, but I'm thinking more about building an intelligent controller & digital audio interface for conventional rigs.


Anonymous said...

I read about your comments on Blackfin. I recently made an ADSP-2181
based card with 48 khz ADC/DAC chip on the board. The reason why I
chose to make it was because a design was already available
(PIC-A-STAR project by G3XJP) and also because free tools (open21xx)
was available for ADSP 21xx processors.

I would really love to have one using Blackfin, as it has gcc based
tools available and also has uClinux. With just one processor,
everything from signal processing to control functions like LCD,
keypad etc can be controlled with it.

- Ramakrishnan, VU3RDD

Anonymous said...

I'm presenting a Blackfin overview to my club tonight regarding Blackfin and BF537. Is there still any interest in a project?

Paul (KG7HF)