Friday, May 06, 2005

Why I'd like a digital IF output on my Orion

What could you do with a digital IF output from the Orion transceiver connected to your PC? I have a few ideas. Maybe you can add more.
  • Custom IF DSP filters in your PC - like an optimized RTTY filter. (The Sharc DSPs are efficient for DSP, but modern PCs should be plenty fast enough to process a 20 kHz band.)
  • Support interesting modulation modes (ISB, synchronous AM, DRM, PSK31, and all the other strange modes). Avoid the compromises of audio soundcard interfaces.
  • Detect multiple data streams simultaneously
  • Record your IF for later playback and analysis
  • Real time spectral display.
If you had a digital IF input for Tx, you could generate interesting modulations in your PC, multiple audio/data streams (ISB or multiple SSB, digital audio) - FCC permitting.

The programmers among us would be able to enhance Orion's "software defined radio". Eventually there will be killer signal software for general use on everyone's PC.
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