Thursday, April 14, 2005

A Little More Python for the Orion

I've posted a nifty little tester for the Ten-Tec Orion at my main website. It lets you send & receive arbitrary ASCII strings to the serial port. It's in Python, and Python is supported on many OS platforms. I have recently verified that the software will run under Windows, using Python for Windows, win32all, and pyserial for Windows. (The only module missing in Windows/Python is a "curses" package for my original octl program.)

Work continues on the Hamlib driver for the Orion. Latest: TT designed the antenna switching matrix "inside out". You select the transmitter/receiver(s) that want to be attached to a particular antenna, instead of the other way round. Oh well, we can fix it in software. We recently declared the driver to be "beta quality". Anyone care to prove me wrong?

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