Monday, March 21, 2005

Ham blogging

After working with web sites for quite a while, I am just easing into the blogging world. WA1LOU had an ARRL Web Article (June, 2004), but it took a while to bubble up to my keyboard.

I did a search recently and turned up a number of interesting sites. See my links at the right. There's a lot of room for growth here!

From an email to Dan, KB6NU:
... Interesting what you come up with on when you look at their "amateur radio" category. I did register there, and now you can find me among the SWLs, podcasters, and what-not...

This is really cutting edge stuff, I have to say -- ham blogging. Ham
radio, for me, has morphed into 10% on-air and 60% Internet, with maybe 30% non-Internet reading and building. (I've been retired for a couple of years.)

Ham radio as a literary form! Unfortunately, [a lot] of hams can't relate to that. I recently looked at QST's guide for authors. Their advice about avoiding high falutin' language is quite charming. Or maybe I could find another adjective.

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Anonymous said...

Being an ORION user, I like your Blog... I put a link into my log so I don't have to do the ORION stuff myself :)

73, Rein PA0R